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How to watch sport events for free on the Internet?

The following steps will show you how to watch free football matches and other sports events for free in a few minutes (next time you will not need any guide):

1. Install some applications from here (as much applications you install as much options to watch each event)

2. Once the applications are installed, go to the Sports schedule by clicking here or typing www.rojadirecta.com in the Internet browser.

3. If eMule, Bittorrent, etc. are running in this moment as well as any other application that use quite a lot resources of your Internet bandwidth, you must stop them while you use P2P TV applications  (chats, instant messengers, e-mail, navigation do not need to be stopped).

4. Once you open the Sports schedule, load the channel 30 min before the start. In order to do that you just need to click on the name of the application you want to use near the channel you want to watch. Obviously the application have to be installed on your computer (step 1). If the application is not able to open channels by clicking from the Web, the name of the application will not appear underlying so you will have to open it from the application itself.

5. Remember that channels must be opened around 30 min before the start of the event in order to receive and share the channel "signal" properly, if not you will not receive enough data from enough peers, therefore you will not watch the event properly. Besides you may be overloading the channel (specially if many people do the same) for some minutes affecting to the other users who loaded the channel with enough time. In the schedule the links are ordered by recommendation to less recommended.

If after testing many events you can not watch them properly, make sure to have the ports opened:

    - Open the ports on the Windows Firewall or stop the firewall. Search on Google how to do that
    - If you have a router (a router is similar than a modem but it can also link computers between them, many computers to the same internet connections...) you might also need to open the ports that those applications use. If you do not know how to do that, search on Google the following kerywords: open ports THE_NAME_OF_YOUR_ROUTER
    - If you have a router but you just have a computer (not a network), the best option to use TV P2P applications is by running the router as a Single-User account instead of Multi. For more information search on Google the following keywords: Single-User account THE_NAME_OF_YOUR_ROUTER

    Click here to open the Sports Schedule